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You may remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to see a Cardiologist AKA Dr. Heart. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I was absolutely terrified. I’ve been told for years that my cholesterol is too high. My good cholesterol is really GOOD but my bad cholesterol was really BAD which meant that my total cholesterol was, well, crap. It was time to see Dr. Heart to determine next steps.

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Of course, me being me, I Googled him. What an old fart. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true. He did his fellowship in 1952! You guys…that was 62 years ago. SIXTY-TWO YEARS AGO!! His fellowship! Not the year he was BORN, but his fellowship. Luckily, I now live in a state where it’s required they keep on top of the current medicine, trends, and studies. Okay, and he was highly recommended by several doctors and the top cardiologist in my network. Okay, Okay…not an old fart. Anyway, I’m getting away from my point…

He evaluated me and said I had a good pulse in my feet. Yay…(?) and had a good strong heart beat. He originally wanted to put me on a Statin. I’m scared of this drug. PETRIFIED out of my mind. First, they don’t recommend putting a woman of child-bearing age on this drug. Second, it can do more damage than good if its not actually required. So, I stood my ground. I asked him about the particle size test that I learned from Dr. Oz. He was shocked. Shocked that I did my homework and wasn’t upset that I mentioned Dr. Oz. He said he actually likes the Coronary Calcium CT Scan test better because it shows the true nature of how much plaque is in your arties. If I have plaque in my arties, that’s where a particle test would be useful to determine how much. He also said there were four more blood tests we could do. So, naturally, my jaw hit the floor. He knew his stuff.

I was willing to pay whatever cost, for whatever test, to ensure I wasn’t on this scary drug if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. He actually RESPECTED my decision. 🙂

So, I signed up for for the CT Scan. 1 more appointment and 1 more set of blood. After all, how can you resist this adorable blue robe *said sarcastically*

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I was nervous beyond words during the CT Scan. We all know how I feel about those damn things. You really feel like you’re in a spaceship and can’t move an inch. Interesting fact, the CT Scan had a picture of the Cape Neddick Lighthouse on the ceiling. I recognized it immediately and was put at ease.

A grueling eight days later, I found out my results. Not only am I in the clear…I have absolutely no plaque in my arteries. I have less than a 5-percent chance of developing cardiovascular disease. The four blood tests  – all within normal range as well! To say I was elated would be an understatement! I hugged him. I hugged Dr. Fart Heart.

After I contained myself, he called my PCP and left a citation saying that I’m well within normal range, to keep an eye on my cholesterol but I shouldn’t have to see Dr. Heart for another 10 years. AND, AND!!! He took me off another drug! When I moved to New England, I was on 6 drugs. Today, I’m on 2. TWO DRUGS!

Success? Win? Worth the move?


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  1. Actually your feet look yellow in your blue gown and your shoes don’t fit. Wish you could share the results with your dad. The Dr. told him his foot problem might be related to his back. Then I’ll “hate” the chiro. What’s this about about being an Old Fart? What does that make your parents?


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