friday favorites: keep moving


January is full of possibilities, changes, and new routines. Therefore, keeping with my one word of the year: minimalism and my post on how to cope without your medication, I thought I’d share some of my favorite and FREE exercise videos I use to help you keep moving when working outside isn’t an option. 🙂 I strongly agree that exercising clears the mind and helps you manage stress; therefore, helps you maintain minimalism.

Let’s start off with a little Yoga. Now, I already told you the importance of Yoga and about a free website; however, have you checked out Super Sisters Fitness? One of the sister’s is a certified yoga instructor and shared a great yoga video that’s a little faster paced:


If you were a dancer in your former life (or current…because once a dancer, always a dancer), check out the videos from The Ballet Physique. I used to go to these classes in Denver and LOVED them! I like their YouTube channel because they provide a move of the week. Here’s a full arm series I enjoyed:


I was introduced to the next fitness group through one of my favorite websites:  The fitness guru’s are called Tone It Up and although some of their video introductions are pretty cheesy, their workouts are pretty amazing. Check out this one that blends toning, yoga, and kettlebells:


Those are some of my favorite YouTube channels I’m subscribed to that keep me motivated when I can’t run outside.

What YouTube channels do you like for fitness inspiration and motivation? Do share…I’m always interested in adding to my collection.

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