Hi! I’m Peachy.


It’s nice to meet you!

I guess my story begins back in 2000. My family and I just finished a fun filled day at Disneyland. I was extremely exhausted and wearing my Daddy’s coat because I was freezing in my wheelchair. I was admiring the sunset on the Pacific Ocean when my mother got the call from the doctor.

I was diagnosed with a form of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis. From that day on, my life was never the same again. I’m proud to say I was able to get out of that wheelchair, graduate from college, and live life as “normal” as possible thanks to the wonderful biologic infusions I get every 5 weeks.


In 2004, I had a wonderful opportunity to go on an educational tour to a place I’ve always admired; England. It was there that I met up with my pen-pal of 3 years. We hit it off so well, that our first date was 2 weeks long seeing some of the most amazing landmarks. You may know him as Mr. P.


We survived a 3 year, 7,000 mile long distance relationship. In July 2006, Mr. P proposed. We bought our first house in August 2006 and in April 2007, we received permission from the US government we could get married (not like the movies, at all!). We planned our wedding in less than 4 weeks, my mother made my dress, and I made every craft myself. We married May 2007.


Although we already we had 3 amazing cats named Orion, Pluto and Mars:



We always knew we wanted dogs. In the Autumn of 2008 we adopted 3 amazing black lab puppies. We are forever grateful to have our “6-pack” of animals.blacklabs

Our most recent unforeseen event was on December 12, 2012 when my world turned upside down. I was laid-off from my job and faced the unknown of what was going to happen. Less than a month later, I was recruited to Boston for a fantastic job and opportunity.

Although we never wanted to be in another long distance relationship again, made it work.  It definitely wasn’t easy, but definitely worth the wait. We bought our second home and are finally together again.


I started this blog in 2009 to prove to myself that I can do almost anything in spite of having arthritis. I never knew it would result in friendships, connections, and a sense of community that I hold dear to my heart.

So, what do I “do”? Well, when I’m not in middle of unforeseen incidents like car accidents, encounters with skunks, delayed house projects, and various health issues I’m having fun.

I love to explore, I like the smell of fresh cut grass, I’m obsessed with shoes, I adore a good glass of wine, and I prefer cupcakes over cake.

Join me on my journey as I explore, learn, love and grow in spite of having arthritis.  

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  1. I just got chills – you decided to Stand Tall and let us all see the amazing woman behind Peachy Pains! I’m so proud of you K-Peach your stories and courage will inspire and help so many.


    Love and a big huge hug!



  2. Hey Peachey/–Its Liz Hall aka @painspeaks on Twitter. Finally getting around to networking with you. There was a bit of a learning curve. LOL Your button is on my blog and your also listed in my favorite blogs on my blog, plus I sent you a friend request on FB, and I follow you on Twitter. Love to be included on your favorite blog list plus wondering if you would add my button to your blog? So glad to get to know you better, my sweet friend!! Hugs to you, Pain Sister!! Liz xoxo


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