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You might have noticed on Saturday that my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds blew up. Sorry I didn’t give you a heads up, but here’s a recap instead.

I went to another Boston Bloggers event. I had so much fun! It was a great mix of DIY crafts, food, wine, education, and socialization.

I got to hear Heather B. Armstrong of Dooce.com speak about her blog and her business. I’ve been following her since 2008, so it was surreal to actually be in the same room as her. I got to see some of my favorite local bloggers: Emily of Shell Chic’d, Georgina of Notes on Lifestyle, and Amanda of Prim and Propah. I also made some new blogger friends like Alana of Good Girl Gone Blog (who organized the Blog Better Boston event I attended 18 months ago!), Michelle of Weekend Craft, and Candace of Lucky Scarf (who just happens to live in my new hometown. *squeal*).

I learned a few tips about SEO (search engine optimization) which blew my mind. *BOOM* And as a crafty crafter, I have to admit, I’ve never, ever, made a Pennant Banner. EVER. So, I made my first one (see last pic above) and I think I’m obsessed with them. Okay, and I also got to make some gift tags, too. I used the question mark stencil to create “Secret Santa” gift tags on burlap fabric. Yes, you can steal that idea too. That’s what I’m hear for.

I also learned how to style a tabletop. Okay, okay…this may seem like a no-brainer for some most woman but this girl doesn’t have the “housewife” gene, so I really appreciated this session since Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I think the best piece of advice I received from Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty was to use items that are universal for each of the upcoming holidays. Oh and don’t be afraid to spray paint items – like leaves from your backyard. 🙂

Wayfair hosted the Boston Bloggers at their Boston Headquarters in the Copley Square Mall. Wayfair spoiled us with an amazing meal by KitchenSurfing and gave us each a special gift. I got a tangle photo display which I plan hanging my Christmas cards from. 🙂

I would like to thank Kate of DomestiKated Life and Ali of Long Distance Loving for their hard work planning, managing, and hosting us. I appreciate all they do to keep us inspired!

I know this was a pretty link-heavy post, but I highly encourage you to check out all of the blogs I shared. These woman, and companies, were truly the best part of the event. It’s why I will continue to go every time the opportunity presents itself.

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Doyle Reservation








Doyle Reservation, located in the city of Leominster (pronounced “Lemon-ster” or in England “Lemp-ster”), Massachusetts. It’s a 170-acre landscaped urband park and open space reservation. The property consists of three main areas: Pierce Meadow, a landscaped urban park and former estate of Harry W. Pierce; the Doyle Center grounds, buildings, and adjoining woodlots; and a hay field and adjoining wetland. This place had every quintessential aspect of New England: green grass, green trees, ponds, river walks, and stone walls.

The Doyle Community Park was acquired as a gift of Louise I. Doyle in 1981. Additional lands were acquired in six purchases from 1991 to 2001. Reservation parking lots are located on Lindell Avenue. The property is open to walking, cross country skiing, picnicing, nature study, and dog walking. There are 3.5 miles of walking trails throughout the reservation. Do keep in mind that this place is a little buggy this time of year, so bring your bug repellent!

Obviously we took advantage of this great space with at least one pup! We’re looking forward to going back with all three! But overall, Mizar approved!

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