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The thing to do in New England this time of year is to go apple picking. The only thing I can compare it to is my traditional family trip up to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to see the changing aspen leaves. Well, now that I’m a New England-er, we HAD to go and I’m so glad we did. I absolutely loved picking a fresh apple off the tree, rubbing it clean on my jeans and taking a large bite. And when I was done, I had Mr. P kick the core like he does with our dogs’ Kong. Our favorite apples were the Red Rome. Sweet, crisp and when you bite into them they turn red.

And now, I have too many apples! Don’t get me wrong…they make a great snack because they are full of fiber, but they will rot if I don’t use them in other ways! I need to figure out how to make apple crisp, apple sauce, caramel apples, and I’d like to make some apple pies. OOOO! Maybe I could make some caramel apple cupcakes. Any excuse for cupcakes! Don’t mind me…I’ll just be in the kitchen for the next few weeks!

If you haven’t been apple picking this season Carlson Orchards in Harvard, MA still had plenty of apples. I mean, just look at that last photo! They also have a pumpkin patch and some tasty donuts, too. Not only is this a great idea to go with some great friends (which we did!) but also a great date idea. Just be sure to bring your wellies; the ground was squishy last Saturday and I think it will only get worse with all the rain we’re expecting this week.

Do you go apple picking? Or if you’re in Colorado, do you go see the aspen leaves? OR, could you help a girl out with some apple recipes? 🙂

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Lobstah | Arthritis Advocate | Blog | Travel | Maine

Located at the end of Two Lights Road on the rocky shores of Cape Elizabeth, Maine–The Lobster Shack is an award-winning restaurant that has been a local landmark since the 1920s. So of course I had to go. And I went with two people who don’t eat lobstah because they’re allergic to it. Mr. P and my friend Jenn really do love me. ❤ And yes, it’s pronounced LobsTAH. Next up on my pronunciation list: “Worcester and Gloucester” Oi! | Arthritis Advocate | Blog | Travel | Maine | Arthritis Advocate | Blog | Travel | Maine | Arthritis Advocate | Blog | Travel | | Arthritis Advocate | Blog | Travel | | Arthritis Advocate | Blog | Travel | Maine

Enjoy your meal oceanside on the picnic tables, perched just above the crashing surf, below the lighthouse and next to the fog horn. Or stay in the cozy dining room, watching the ships entering Portland Harbor and the local fishermen haul up their daily catch. We opted to eat inside since it was extremely windy, but that didn’t stop us from getting some crazy hair pictures. Oh, they do have a chicken sandwich available for those who can’t eat Lobstah. Not sure if you’re allergic you’d risk it, but an option nonetheless.

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