Infusion Outfit Inspiration – In a FUNK!

I’m in a FUNK. Not to be confused with funky. Just a bad FUNK.

What is FUNK? Well, its not depression and its not satisfaction. Its not sad, content, or happy. ITS JUST FUNK!!!

I tend to do this every once in a while. I go inward, dig deep, and sometimes never come back out. Others try to get me out, but in order me to be “Peachy” again, I have to do it on my own. IT SUCKS!! FUNK SUCKS!

So, what do I do to get out of a FUNK? Well, a few things that have worked in the past is that I try something new, sew, craft, work-out, Yoga, play games, and wear new clothing combinations and colors.

What’s a color that I’ve been eyeing?? Tangerine Orange. As a matter of fact, I used to own a pair of tangerine orange pants 10 years ago. They were fabulous, so comfy, and I had to throw them away because I wore them so much.

With that said, I would totally combine tangerine orange with gray. SO PRETTY!! If I had orange in my closet, I would wear this:


GORGEOUS RIGHT?? So happy, pretty, and spring like!! SIGN ME UP!!

What do you guys do to get out of a FUNK?? I’d love the suggestions because I’m really struggling here!!



Here’s to getting out of the FUNK!

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


Infusion Outfit Inspiration

OH. MY. GOSH!! I found this new website and I’m addicted!! It’s called Polyvore. Weird name for what it is, but regardless its a site where you can create different “sets” or outfits virtually.  Its better and easier than looking at items separately and trying to determine if they would go together or not. SCORE!!!

I’m always looking for new ways to help myself look more mature and well, more my age. Looking 15 at the age of 27 is OVERRATED. Until I find looking young as a benefit, I will be using Polyvore to help me establish that mature look I’m after! 😉

However, I think to keep with the ‘blog theme’ I will only be sharing an outfit post that’s related to my arthritic condition. We’ll start off with some ideas on what I would wear to my biologic infusion (since I’m on my way right now!) and see where it goes. I’m hoping this will be useful for those who are just starting on biologics or those who are pro’s. Maybe even useful for friends and family members looking for things to get friends who are on biologics.

If you would like, join me! I’d love to know what you wear to your infusion. Let’s share our outfits together and maybe get an idea on how to make our infusions a little bit more enjoyable!



What do you think?? Will you be joining me on the Polyvore website to help create a comfortable, yet stylish outfit to your next infusion? Who says arthritis has to look ugly!


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