Campfire Layers featuring ModCloth

Campfire Layers

When I was first contacted by ModCloth to participate in their initiative of how to introduce fall vintage layers into everyday wear, I jumped at the chance. Have you guys heard of ModCloth? ModCloth has been lovingly built on a passion for remarkable fashion. Today, they’re a top e-retailer of indie clothing, accessories, and decor, and provide an engaging shopping experience where you, the customer, can have a voice! I found them a few years ago and have several dresses in my closet that are in great shape and so versitle for every season.

Speaking of season, I love the cool, crisp, fall air and it’s the perfect time for a campfire with some friends to roast some S’mores. But the ultimate question – How do you dress for a campfires in the Fall without looking like an abominable snowman?

Well, I’m here to tell you. As a Coloradan you learn to quickly dress in layers and I’m quickly figuring out how to do so in New England. A bit different, but same basic principles apply and ModCloth makes it so easy with their huge selection of sweaters  (15% off right now!) and cardigans!

First, nothing says “campfire” like plaid, so let’s start off with one! Next, grab the lightweight honey-colored sweater because nothing screams autumn like that beautiful yellow color. However, can we pause a brief moment and talk about that ADORABLE zip in the front? SO MANY OPTIONS with this style – keep it unzipped early in the evening to showcase the plaid shirt and then zip it up when you feel that chill. It’s a sweater, it’s a cardigan, it’s a lightweight jacket, it comes in EVERY COLOR! It’s everything a girl could ever want.

Next, let’s add an extra layer not only for the obvious warmth to keep the crisp fall air off your bare skin, but for the texture. I love this black and white chevron-like pattern this cardigan creates, which not only compliments the plaid but really pops the honey cardigan. However the main reason why I love it – it reminds me of a blanket! Who doesn’t want to feel like they are covered in a blanket during a campfire? Okay, let’s be honest, I wear cardigans all the time, especially at work! Cardigans add that classic touch to an outfit which says “hey, I have it pulled together” but I like the secret reason – I feel like I’m covered in a blanket. #winwin

Of course, let’s not forget the army jacket for extra warmth and to protect against that humid damp chill. Something I normally wouldn’t add if I still lived in Colorado since its dry, but here in New England, it’s required as the temperatures keep dropping! Bonus, faux-fur around the hood!

The shoes, we must talk about the shoes since I’m a shoe girl!  I love how tennis shoes have become the new flat. I don’t have any stylish ones (yet), but I’d grab these neutral grey pair to go with the black leather-like leggings. I kept it simple on the bottom since we added so many layers on the top.

Truth? I’m not a purse girl. I’m still trying to understand how and why a great purse makes an outfit, but I think for a campfire, a tote is perfect. Why? Well, not only to carry all of those layers (so you can feel like Mary Poppins when you pull out so many!) but to hold your scarf and your peanut butter cups for your S’mores. Because, of course, you’re THAT friend who brought an extra something special to a Campfire.

Let’s literally top it off with a cute hat. Truthfully, I added this one because it reminded me of the collection I inherited from my grandmother! Bonus – it actually pulls the entire outfit together to create an amazing Autumn combo perfect for any outside gathering!

What do you think? What would you add to this outfit?

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This post was created in collaboration with ModCloth, but I was not compensated in anyway. ModCloth social team will be featuring some of their favorites on a weekly basis with all credits given back to the creator’s blog. So, I’d really like to be recognized. 🙂


Spring Wedding Outfits


top left // bottom left // top right // bottom right //

Just gathering ideas on what I’d like to wear to my father-in-law’s English Spring Wedding. Although I have two dresses in mind that I already own (albeit I don’t know if one fits and the other requires a zipper to be fixed) its still fun to get ideas.

You can guarantee I will have a pair of flats in my purse as back-up, but I do love the idea of wearing a hat to a wedding. After all, it is an English wedding and its appropriate to wear fascinators. I also adore the large chunky jewelry, especially in coral, rose gold, or gold.

Thoughts on which outfit you prefer?

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