To capture the true essence of how much I miss my lady-in-laws, I thought I’d recapture it in a list. After all, who doesn’t love a list?

1) The way they smell. I finally figured it out that it was their laundry detergent!! I know it sounds weird, but the the way they smelled brought back a lot of memories. Like hugging my husband for the first time, and each hug that we would have after not seeing each other for 6 months, and even coming down to Christmas to be greeted by the family. I think I may request that they send over some of their laundry detergent because I love that smell and feeling so much!

2) The full house. Now that they are gone, it just feels empty. The first few hours after they left, it felt like they had left to go do an activity but that wasn’t the case.

3) The dinners. Man, I can’t get over how well I ate. Living with two vegetarians and a dairy-free person really opened my eyes as to how bad Mr. P and I were really eating. They also showed me how to make a new meal out of leftovers. Just shove it all together in a wrap. Priceless.

4) The constant conversations. Although it was a little exhausting at times (because quite frankly I don’t say everything that’s on my mind!) we had some amazing conversations. I hope I never forget them.

5) Games. We played a game virtually every single night. Sometimes two games. We also played on the Wii. Oh ya, you remember you own one too, didn’t you? Try pulling it out and playing on it. I forgot how much fun it is.

I definitely don’t want to lose the memories and I look forward to the next set. I definitely don’t want 5 years between us again. That’s just too long.

What are some of your favorite family memories? Any of them have to do with smell?


Much Love,

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